Restaurants Chef
Mr. Georgios Kottaridis
Mr Georgios Kottaridis born in kalamata, Messinia, Greece, at 18 of November 1985. After his graduation from High school he joined the honorable Greek naval forces and he decided to pursuit a professional career as non commissioned officer with specialty Chef. After his graduation from the naval academy, he served as Line Chef in Warship FU THETIS A-307 for four years, where his next destination became the warship HS Salamis F-455, serving for two years as Sous Chef. In between, he was chosen many times from other departments to cover needs as personal chef to admiral’s House, to commander of naval station office, and other many important positions as to join NATO exercises, prepare and deliver exceptional receptions to foreign political and army leaderships, and also serve as important member to the administration field. After his achievements and excellent deliverance with high skills, agency awarded him, and His last destination became the Jason type Warship L176 Lesvos where he became the first noncommissioned officer in history of Greek Navy, where at similar rank got the title of executive chef and Manager. After eight years of honorable positions and excellences decision for an international career was taken, and since then he has worked as executive Chef in several Greek and foreign restaurants in (Bahamas, United Kingdom,etc.) adopting deep knowledge of many national cuisines, to the present. An experienced world traveled chef, now in Japan ready to serve authentic Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.